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Novel Hearing Screening Technology

Hearing Diagnostics are developing the next generation of hearing screening technology. 1 in 6 people have a hearing loss, but 86% of those who do are not aware of it. These people face a strong risk of reduced career prospects and of social isolation leading to mental-health disorders. Our technology makes screening accurate and cost-efficient where it wasn’t previously. We will drive forward a new era of care where hearing assessments become as common as eye tests, being offered at local pharmacies and opticians.

About Us

Hearing Diagnostics was incorporated by Claudia Freigang and Colin Horne in 2017. You can follow us on Twitter and LinkedIn. If you're interested in joining our team, just get in touch with us via a email and check out our jobs page.

Claudia Freigang
Claudia Freigang, PhD
Colin Horne
Colin Horne, PhD
Charles Sweeney
Charles Sweeney
Non-exec Chairman
Jacqui McLaughlin
Jacqui McLaughlin
Non-executive Director
Investment Director
Phil Harris
Phil Harris, PhD
Non-executive Director
Li-Wei Yap
Li-Wei Yap
Software Engineer

Our Supporters and Partners

Partners and Supporters

News & Updates

9 November 2020

We're hiring Software Engineers!

Check out our jobs page for details and get in touch with us!

28 October 2020

Hearing Diagnostics selected for Unlocking Ambition Cohort 2!

We're absolutely delighted to announce that we've been selected to participate in the Unlocking Ambition cohort 2! The programme will accelerate our growth towards ensuring hearing testing becomes more accessible and accurate, ensuring everyone receives care at the earliest opportunity. We're excited to start the programme and meet our fellow entrepreneurs!

20 October 2020

Revolutionary Hearing Test Set To Turn Heads With Archangels' Investment

We are delighted to announce that we completed our first funding round lead by Archangels, including Equity Gap and private investors, and welcome our new board members, Charles Sweeney (NXD Chairman), Jaqcui McLaughlin (Investor Director + NXD), and Phil Harris (NXD)! We are looking forward with excitement to taking the big step towards trialling and launching our paradigm-shifting hearing screening technology. Together, we will make hearing testing as commonplace and accessible as eye testing to ensure that everyone with hearing loss receives care at the earliest possible opportunity. For press coverage visit The Scotsman, Archangel Investment, or digit.ify.

21 May 2020

Recipients of the Innovate UK grant for business-led innovation in response to global disruption

We're delighted to announce that we've been selected by Innovate UK to receive grant funding as part of the business-led response to global disruption due to Covid-19. For more information on how our hearing testing technology Audimetroid will contribute towards improving lives of individuals with hearing loss in times of the pandemic, please get in touch. For more information on the grant, visit Innovate UK.

2 March 2020

Finalists at the Investing Women AccelerateHER awards!

Claudia will pitch at the the Investing Women AccelerateHER Finals on the 26th of March 2020!

13 December 2019

Watch us pitch at EIE2020!

We're going to pitch for investment on the 23rd of April 2020!

23 October 2019

Colin receives award from Stelios Philanthropic Foundation and Leonard Cheshire

We're very excited and proud to announce that our co-founder and CTO Colin Horne has received a £5k award from Stelios Philanthropic Foundation and Leonard Cheshire Disability. We're very grateful to Sir Stelios, the Foundation, and Leonard Cheshire for the award and for their commitment to helping people overcome disability!

17 October 2019

Phil Harris joins Hearing Diagnostics in the role of Non-Executive Director

We're delighted to announce that Philip Harris will be joining us as non-executive director. Phil has a wealth of experience as CEO in medical devices and manufacturing/engineering companies and is passionate about driving change in healthcare. We're very excited to welcome him on board and are looking forward to working together to lead innovation in hearing screening!

14 October 2019

Semi-finalists at Scottish EDGE 15!

We're very excited and grateful to have made it to the Scottish EDGE Semi-finals! We can't wait to pitch to the judges!

12 August 2019

Molly Erskine joins our team!

Welcome to Molly, who's joined our technology team to work on the development of our hearing screening technology! Molly has a background in Software Engineering, having worked in healthtech startups before joining our company.

6 June 2019

Scottish Enterprise SMART:Scotland Success

We're absolutely thrilled to announce that we have been awarded a 12 month SMART:Scotland feasibility grant to develop a prototype of our hearing screening technology!

1 May 2019

We're hiring!

We're very excited to announce that we're hiring! We're looking for a final year/postgraduate student or a graduate for a year-long software engineering placement position. The position will involve software engineering in C++11 and will commence in July 2019. Check our careers page for more details!

18 April 2019

Milestone: Patent

We're delighted to say that we've filed for our first patent covering our novel hearing screening system. Our technology is now officially patent pending!

31 August 2018

Royal Bank of Scotland Entrepreneur Accelerator

We're super excited to have been offered a place in the Royal Bank of Scotland's Entrepreneur Accelerator! As of October, we will be based at the fantastic RBS Gogarburn campus in Edinburgh. This is an incredibly exciting opportunity for us. Ever since we first set foot in the Gogarburn campus for an EDGE workshop in February, we've known that this is where we need to be. The environment is absolutely buzzing with energy and creative spirit, making it the perfect place to build a startup. We're thrilled that our new interns and employees will be able to join us in this enthusing atmosphere! Let's make a difference and fix hearing screening!

20 August 2018

Royal Bank of Scotland Great British Entrepreneur Awards

Claudia Freigang and Colin Horne: finalists in the               Great British Entrepreneur Awards for Scotland and               Northern Ireland.

We're thrilled to have been selected as finalists for the GBEA Innovation Entrepreneur of the Year award! We look forward to attending the celebratory evening at RBS Gogarburn on the 13th of September.

29 June 2018

We're hiring

We're very excited to announce that we're hiring! We're looking for an aspiring software engineer to help us build our core technology during a three month internship. For more details, please see our careers page.

14 June 2018

Scottish EDGE Awards Ceremony

We're delighted to have been invited to the Scottish EDGE 12 Awards Ceremony, where we were presented with our Wildcard Category prize of £10,000, to be put towards funding our new internship programme!

Colin Horne and Claudia Freigang of Hearing                 Diagnostics Limited being presented their                 Scottish EDGE 12 Wildcard Award by Evelyn McDonald and Sir Tom Hunter
Evelyn McDonald and Sir Tom Hunter present our company founders Colin Horne and Claudia Freigang with our Scottish EDGE 12 Wildcard Award.
Photo credit: © Sandy Young Photography, 07970 268944,, 12th Scottish EDGE Awards Ceremony at RBS HQ, Gogarburn.

26 April 2018

Scottish EDGE Success

We're thrilled, overjoyed, and delighted to be one of the #EDGE12 Wildcard winners!! We're very grateful to our judges for being so incredibly friendly and supportive, and to the entire Scottish EDGE team for making this competition such a great experience! Our prize will be announced at the Scottish EDGE Awards Ceremony on 14th of June.

6 April 2018

Scottish EDGE

We are very excited to have progressed to the Scottish EDGE Wildcard Final in Glasgow on 25th April, 2018.

Scottish EDGE is a competition aimed at spurring innovation in Scotland by supporting highly innovative startups. The Wildcard EDGE category is open to pre-trading companies, and if we are successful, would provide us with £15,000 of grant funding, as well as additional non-financial business support.

28 January 2018

Innovate UK Success

We are excited to say that we have been awarded funding to undertake a 6 month feasibility study as part of the Innovate UK Digital Health Technology Catalyst (2017).

Description of our feasibility study, as published by Innovate UK:

Hearing loss affects 360 million people worldwide and 11 million people within the UK, with most of those affected being 65 years of age, or older. Un-managed hearing loss in the elderly commonly leads to social isolation and depression, and may cause or accelerate the progression of cognitive decline and dementia. Management is thus crucial, and is most effective if started early after the initial progression of the hearing loss. Routine screening is necessary in order to ensure early management, as without screening, patients often go un-diagnosed for a prolonged period of time after first experiencing the symptoms of hearing loss. However, current technology is inappropriate for widespread screening due to poor accuracy and high sensitivity to background noise. To address this, we are developing a new hearing screening product, Audimetroid, that will make innovative use of advanced algorithms in order to make screening for hearing loss more accurate and less sensitive to background noise. This will make widespread hearing screening programmes more cost efficient by reducing the number of normal-hearing patients who are erroneously referred to audiology services, and will allow hearing assessments to take place at primary care providers, including GP surgeries and pharmacies, where existing technology would be unreliable due to the presence of background noise. During the proposed feasibility study, we will validate the technological and scientific approaches underpinning the concept, and ensure Audimetroid's applicability as a tool for use in widespread hearing screening programmes.